Welcome to the Town of Darien!


While you are traveling over the 39 miles of roadway you could have passed two parks or have seen many acres of planted corn, beans, or wheat. There may be a few pigs, cows, or horses grazing in the fields.

While you are driving you may have crossed any of eight miles of Turtle Creek which runs from Delavan through Town of Darien to reach the county line at the Town of Bradford. The creek is used recreational by all; either by fishing, kayaking, or canoeing.

The Town of Darien is dedicated to meeting the needs of all our residents, and enhancing the quality of life for them.


Highlights from the Election Results on

April 7 from our Municipality


Cecil R. Logterman   186

 Write – ins  5

Supervisors  (2)

Daniel G. Kilkenny   152

Dale Wheelock   143

Write – ins 11

Justice Supreme Court

Ann W. Bradley   80

James P. Daley   133

Circuit Court Branch 3

John W. Peterson   83

Kristine E. Drettwan   119

Delavan-Darien School

Vanessa Marie Anaya   121

Roxann Kelton   130

Jeffery G. Scherer   156

Write ins   7

State Referendum

Yes   126

No   86

Other Walworth results are located on the Walworth County Clerks website – under Election Results.



New Implement of Husbandry Laws

This law will begin being enforced as of April 15, 2015

Please follow this link to fill out the Implement of Husbandry permit.


Town of Darien Road Map

When your application is completed; please print it out and send it to the Public Works Superintendent either by:

email - dariengarage@sharontelephone.com

mail - N2826 Foundry Road, Darien, WI  53114

fax - (262) 882 - 1174

drop box - located at the Town Hall left side of the glass door


If you have any questions about the permits; please contact our Public Works Superintendent at 262 - 882 - 3658


The town has posted some information videos regarding Implement of Husbandry from the DOT website.